Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pharmacists working with patients, doctors on medication reviews

From the Cape Breton (NS) Post:
The goal of the medication review program is to help patients achieve the best outcomes with their medications while minimizing risk.

Designed by the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia, the program can now be offered by community pharmacies throughout Nova Scotia.

Tanya Howley, the pharmacist/owner of North Sydney’s Shoppers Drug Mart, has a pharmacist dedicated to the program, but the reviews will be done on a demand basis.

“The program works in conjunction with the physician,” she said. “The key is to provide patients with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their medications and identify and resolve potential barriers to medication delivery.”

In order to quality, you have to be a senior and on the Pharmacare program, be taking at least four medications or taking medication that potentially puts you at risk of adverse effects and have at least one of the following; diabetes, asthma, arthritis, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive lung disease, hyperlipidemia or hypertension. ...more

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