Saturday, January 03, 2009

Retired druggist fears biological attack, urges stockpiling antibiotic

From the East Volusia (FL) News:
With a massive biological attack predicted in the next five years, retired Ormond Beach pharmacist Gerald Murphy is concerned people are throwing their best hope for survival into the garbage.

Last month, a high-powered commission created by Congress and chaired by retired Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Graham of Florida found "it is more likely than not" that a weapon of mass destruction --such as deadly anthrax bacteria -- will be used somewhere in the world.

That finding in the report titled "World at Risk," combined with its emphasis that the nation is not doing enough to prepare, sent Murphy into action. He's doing all he can to get the word out that a 30-day supply of a common and inexpensive antibiotic -- Cipro -- should be a staple in every household like Band-Aids and gauze pads.

"If I go on a ship, shouldn't I take a life preserver with me?" said Murphy, 79, who retired from his beachside shop, The Apothecary, 13 years ago.

Murphy is well-known for his work during the last 15 years trying to change Florida's pharmacy rules so pharmacists aren't required to automatically label a prescription as expired after a year. ...more

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