Wednesday, January 14, 2009

State seeks to shut down broker of Canadian drugs

I guess there are still a few of these affiliate storefronts still open...

From the Missoulian (MT):
Tom Kennedy, whose Billings business helps Montanans buy lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada, acknowledges that he's been ignoring a 2004 court order that says he's breaking state law and should halt his business.

But it's taken until this week for the state Board of Pharmacy to bring Kennedy before a state judge, asking that he be found in contempt of court and fined.

Kennedy, who runs a business called Canadian Connection, remains defiant, saying the 2004 court order against him is incorrect and that the state board is simply trying to shut down legitimate competition.

“They don't want anybody else selling Montana consumers drugs except them,” he said. “They're impeding the ability of Montana citizens to buy basically the same drugs for greatly reduced prices.”

Kennedy, who's representing himself in court, is scheduled to appear Thursday before state District Judge Kathy Seeley of Helena.

The Board of Pharmacy will argue that it's been determined by a judge that Kennedy's business is breaking the law. The only remaining questions are whether he should be found in civil contempt and fined, said Mike Fanning, the state attorney representing the board. ...more

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