Thursday, January 01, 2009

London pharmacist charged with drug trafficking

From the London (Ont.) Free Press:
A London pharmacist has been charged with trafficking oxycodone after his pharmacy was raided this week, police reported today.

Greg Melville, the owner of Forest City Pharmacy at the corner of Wharncliffe and Belmont roads, was charged with four counts of trafficking in oxycodone and two counts of possession of proceeds of crime, one of three people charges after searches of two homes and the pharmacy in London.

That a pharmacist would be charges is unusual, said London Const. Amy Phillipo. “We don’t come across this very often. It’s a rare occurence,” she said.

Abusers of oxycodone crush the tablets to break the time-release coating and then ingest the resulting powder orally, intra-nasally or by injection.

It’s not the first serious allegation against the 44-year-old Mellville — earlier this year, in March, he was accused of professional misconduct in a matter not yet resolved by The Ontario College of Pharmacists. ...more

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Anonymous said...

What a wasteful disgrace. u don't deserve to be a pharmicist if u put illegal drugs out on the streets... those kill! they shoula put ya away after the first serious misconduct