Friday, January 09, 2009

Quit-smoking aid may cause depression: Health Canada

From the Vancouver Sun:
Canadians who have made New Year’s resolutions to quite smoking should be careful about what types of smoking-cessation aids they choose, as Health Canada warned consumers Tuesday about the depressive side-effects from a certain product.

Health Canada issued a reminder to Canadians who are taking, or considering taking, the smoking-cessation aid called Champix, saying the drug has a risk of “serious psychiatric adverse effects.”

The federal health agency says it is still in the process of creating stronger wording on product labels to warn consumers of the risks.

“While Champix can be an effective tool for quitting smoking when used as part of a support program, there have been reports in some patients of unusual feelings of agitation, depressed mood, hostility, changes in behaviour, or impulsive or disturbing thoughts such as thoughts of self-harm or harm to others,” the agency said in a news release Tuesday.

It is unclear at this time whether Champix is the cause of these psychiatric symptoms, said Health Canada.

Health Canada suggest those taking the drug should be aware of any unusual thoughts, especially those related to depression, aggression or self-harm. ...more

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