Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pharmacists now allowed to renew prescriptions

From Surrey (BC) Now:
Patients who run out of routine medications can now ask their pharmacist to renew their prescriptions without always having to get a new prescription from their doctor.

The change came into effect on January 1.

Health Minister George Abbott said the ministry wants to make it easier for people with chronic illnesses to manage their conditions.

"This change is inspired by what British Columbians told us during the Conversation on Health - that people wanted improved access to health services and greater choice about where they receive those services."

Under the Health Professions (Regulatory Reform) Amendment Act, pharmacists are now permitted to renew most routine prescription medications for up to six months without the patient requiring a new doctor's prescription. Patients with long-term but stable conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, who have been on the same medication for at least six months and are running out of their drugs, qualify to have their pharmacist renew their prescription. ...more

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