Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oncology pharmacists find their role rewarding

From the Montreal Gazette:
There are few things as devastating as being diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer.

In 2009, roughly 171,000 people embarked on that journey nationwide. The fortunate have a support system rich with loved ones and a highly specialized medical team.

Gabriel Gazzé has been a member of one such team at the Royal Victoria Hospital for 16 years. He's not a doctor or a nurse. He's a pharmacist. And although you might not realize it, he and other pharmacists in his position are often a crucial source of information and support for people undergoing cancer treatments.

"A big misconception about the profession is that pharmacists have a low profile in hospital settings," Gazzé said. "We actually play a big role in patient care, more than ever before."

In health care institutions, pharmacists work as part of a collaborative medical team alongside doctors and other medical specialists in many departments, and a field as multifaceted as oncology is no exception. ...more

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