Friday, March 05, 2010

An indispensable team member

From the Montreal Gazette:
As a pharmacy student interning at the Montreal General Hospital last summer, Alexandre-Jacques Amiel often followed the doctors on their rounds in the intensive-care unit.

He listened carefully as they examined patients and made their diagnoses. One afternoon, Amiel stood at the foot of the bed of a patient suffering from endocarditis, a potentially fatal heart infection.

The doctors weren't sure which medication to prescribe as a course of treatment. The debate went back and forth. So the 22-year-old Amiel screwed up the courage and recommended the ideal antibiotic.

And they listened to him.

"The doctors were having trouble deciding what kind of treatment they were going to give, and I felt like I had a very big impact with that antibiotic," recounted Amiel, who is in his third year at the Université de Montréal's undergraduate pharmacy program. ...more

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