Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wrong Prescription Filled at Walgreens Pharmacy Costs Company $33 Million Following Death of Woman

From Drugwatch:
In 2002, a Walgreens pharmacy filled a woman’s prescription for warfarin, a medication used to prevent blood clots, at 10 times the recommended dosage, a mistake that eventually caused her death. On February 26, 2010, Walgreens was ordered to pay $33.3 million to the woman’s surviving family.

Beth Hippely took her prescription for 1 milligram tablets of warfarin (sold under brand names such as Coumadin) to a Polk Country, Florida Walgreens pharmacy, where a 19-year-old pharmacy technician filled her prescription with 10 mg tables of the medication.

Hippely took the medication for several weeks before she experienced severe headaches, a brain hemorrhage and paralysis. Prior to her death, Hippely’s only form of communication was blinking her eyes. ...more

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