Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Proposed N.S. legislation will see pharmacists administer vaccines

From the Winnipeg Free Press:
In a move aimed at relieving some of the stress in Nova Scotia's health-care system, pharmacists will be able to administer vaccines by injection and monitor drug therapy under proposed amendments to the province's Pharmacy Act.

Health Minister Maureen MacDonald said Monday the goal is to take advantage of a pool of qualified professionals in order to free up doctors to concentrate on other areas of health care.

"We in the health-care system, like many other professions, are facing a demographic crunch," said MacDonald. "This is part of expanding the health-care team ... and giving them (pharmacists) a greater scope of practice in order to help patients."

Although MacDonald said the move will create efficiencies in the health system, she said she was unable to put a dollar figure on any potential savings. ...more

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