Friday, March 05, 2010

Pharmacies reporting slow supply of drugs

From the Swindon (UK) Advertiser:
A leading Swindon pharmacist has spoken out at a shortage of drugs which, it has been claimed, is a result of some healthcare organisations who have been selling UK drugs to Europe, where they can get a better price.

As a result, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society says urgent action is needed. They claim that patients’ lives are being put at risk and UK pharmacies are facing increasing shortages of drugs used to treat cancer, high blood pressure and epilepsy.

Richard Thomas, proprietor of a small chain of five pharmacies which include Park Lane Pharmacy, Old Town Pharmacy and Toothill Pharmacy, which are part of the Hatch Ride Holdings, has become increasingly aware of the problems in sourcing some expensive drugs.

He said: “My pharmacists have been experiencing severe difficulties in obtaining certain drugs from the wholesalers. Naturally, we cannot keep each and every medicine in stock, so we rely on express ordering. ...more

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