Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Children’s drug recall raises concerns over manufacturing practices

From the Globe and Mail:
A major recall of children’s medications in Canada, the United States and several other countries is raising concerns over manufacturing processes used by the company at the centre of the recall. It also highlights significant differences in how the recall is being handled by authorities in the United States and Canada.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare issued a recall over the weekend of more than 40 types of infants’ and children’s over-the-counter liquid medication sold in more than 10 countries. The Canadian branch of the company posted a recall alert marked “urgent” on its website telling consumers to discontinue use of 11 children’s and infants’ products. There are 10 Motrin brand liquid products involved in the recall as well as one Tylenol product.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare Canada said the recall is being done because the products may not meet “required manufacturing specifications.”

Specifically, the products may contain particulate matter, spokeswoman Tina Peyregatt said. In some instances, the particulate matter may be some of the product itself that has solidified. ...more

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