Monday, May 24, 2010

If pot must be sold, it should be at pharmacies

I don't often post opinion pieces but I thought I'd make an exception here. If/when medical marijuana becomes a bigger deal in Canada, maybe pharmacies should push to have some involvement. It might be a better alternative than marijuana only dispensaries. It also could help replace some income being lost by generic rebate cutbacks.

From the Vancouver Province:
Why am I not surprised that a medical marijuana dispensary has now opened, without a business licence, in downtown Maple Ridge?

Well, such cannabis dispensaries are growing like weeds in Western U.S. states such as California where, in a November referendum, citizens will vote on whether to legalize recreational use of the drug and tax sales of it.

In B.C., of course, smoking marijuana has become effectively legal for years -- for all except those who actually blow the smoke in a cop's face. What we Canadians don't seem to approve of is growing pot for profit. A recent poll shows that, while most support legalizing marijuana, a hefty majority want stiff penalties for grow operators.

We're a bit conflicted about the issue, in other words. So are Lower Mainland politicians and police -- especially about the dispensing of medical marijuana, currently governed by somewhat Byzantine Health Canada rules. ...more

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