Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ontarians won't swallow druggists' pill: Poll

From the Toronto Sun:
The majority of Ontarians who are aware of the province’s plan to reform generic drugs — and the subsequent backlash from pharmacists — believe drug stores are motivated by bottom-line profits, a new government-commissioned poll says.

Only 17% of those polled thought pharmacists were concerned about the impact on access to drugs and health care, while 83% believed revenue was the motive for the opposition.

However, that same Ipsos poll also revealed that more than half of Ontarians are unaware of the pharmacy position on the proposed changes in compensation.

The poll of 1,162 Ontarians, conducted April 16-21, also found support for the government’s planned changes.

Only 6% were strongly opposed and 15% somewhat opposed, compared with 44% somewhat supportive and 19% strongly supportive. ...more

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