Sunday, May 09, 2010

P.E.I. pharmacists chafe at computer woes

From CBC News:
Pharmacists in Prince Edward Island are frustrated with continuing glitches in a computerized drug information system that has been in place for two years.

It was set up as part of a government plan to move to a complete system of electronic health records. But some pharmacists say the technology isn't what they hoped it would be.

Pharmacists are required by law to use the drug information system (DIS), sharing data on what drugs patients are using, what allergies they have, and their medical history.

Pharmacists say it's great information to have, but the system crashes at least once a month.

"It could be down for a couple of seconds, it could be down for a couple of hours, it could be down for several hours," said pharmacist Rob MacLellan. ...more

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