Monday, May 10, 2010

Ont. pharmacists want $260M/year to stop protest

From CTV News:
Ontario pharmacists asked the government Friday for at least $260 million a year in direct funding to drop their opposition to a provincial plan to eliminate $750 million a year in professional allowance fees paid to them by generic drug companies.

About 100 pharmacists wearing white lab coats rallied at the legislature Friday and delivered a petition with 500,000 signatures decrying what they said are the government's cuts to health care.

The pharmacists agree with the goal to lower the costs of generic drugs, and are willing to live without professional allowances if they get funding to compensate them, said Ben Shenouda of the Independent Pharmacists Association of Ontario.

"The submission we are putting to the government is talking about $260 million reinvested from the government in the pharmacies, and provides hundreds of millions in net savings to the government every year," said Shenouda. ...more

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