Thursday, December 11, 2003

From the Charleston (WV) Gazette:
Wise considers letting W.Va. pharmacies sell Canadian drugs
Gov. Bob Wise is considering allowing all West Virginians to buy cheaper prescription drugs from Canada through their local pharmacies.

Other states and cities are looking north of the border to buy prescription drugs for their own employees and state programs, like Medicaid. But West Virginia could become the first state to provide local pharmacies with Canadian drugs, which they could sell to anyone state resident.

From KIRO (Wash):
Feds Crack Down On Medicine From Canada
The government's been threatening it for a while, now it looks like the threat is real.

Seniors trying to buy cheaper prescription drugs from Canada might find themselves caught in a crackdown on counterfeit meds.

As a growing number of cities and states are defying federal restrictions on buying drugs from Canada, the Bush Administration is fighting back.

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