Tuesday, December 16, 2003

From Newsday (NY):
Minn. Group to Inspect Canada Pharmacies
A team of Minnesota officials is traveling in Canada this week, inspecting Canadian pharmacies to determine which will be listed on a new state Internet site as safe suppliers of mail-order drugs.

The three-person inspection group headed by Cody Wyberg, pharmacy program manager in the Human Services department, began work Sunday in Toronto and went to Winnipeg on Monday for two days. They will visit pharmacies in Calgary and Vancouver, then report their findings to state Human Services Commissioner Kevin Goodno on Monday.

From the Fort Worth (Texas) Star Telegram:
Iowa Seniors Take Risk on Importing Drugs
Some Iowans who turn to Canada for their prescription drugs say the savings are worth the risk.

They told The Gazette that they're willing to chance the government's wrath to beat a U.S. industry they think is gouging them. "The government says it's illegal, but I don't feel like a criminal," said Sandy Noren, 66, of Vinton.

From the Macomb (IL) Eagle:
Buying your drugs North of the Border
Over the course of the last few months, there has been a new kind of drug trafficking going on between the United States and Canada. These illegally imported drugs are not your typical cases of marijuana, cocaine or any other narcotic. Oh no, there’s a new drug that’s grabbed the media’s attention and caused many a row between various individuals. The unusual thing about the moving of these drugs across the border is that it is actually encouraged by our government... sort of.

The body of government that supports the importation, or reimportation, is our very own Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and the drugs are actually pharmaceuticals. What Blagojevich has the state of Illinois involved in is the same thing that Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin are also doing – attempting to set state-sponsored plans to import prescription drugs from Canada, which, according to a recent governor’s report, sells their pharmaceuticals at a significantly lower price than what they go for in the U.S.

From the Duluth (Minn) News Tribune:
FDA Targets Canadian Drug Importation
Federal regulators are hoping to persuade Boston and New Hampshire officials to abandon plans to buy cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

Food and Drug Administration Associate Commissioner William Hubbard will meet Thursday morning with Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

"It's about time we forced the issue," said Menino, who announced last week that the city will begin buying drugs from Canada even though the program is not legal.

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