Sunday, December 21, 2003

From the Twin Cities (Minn) Pioneer Press:
MADISON, WIS.: Imported-drugs plan hits obstacle
A Canadian distributor cannot cover Wisconsin's prescription drug needs for various programs because of limited supplies, further hampering efforts to import cheaper drugs to save taxpayers millions, a governor's spokesman said Friday.

The state already faced signi-ficant hurdles because federal law bans importing prescription drugs from Canada. But Gov. Jim Doyle announced two months ago he was exploring the possibility anyway.

From the Boston Globe:
Counterfeit Drugs a Smokescreen -Officials
New attempts by major drugmakers to block distribution of counterfeit medicines are actually ploys to prevent reimportation of cheaper medicines into the United States, state and city officials told Reuters on Friday.

Pfizer Inc. on Friday said it will require hospitals, pharmacies and distributors to buy its prescription drugs only from wholesalers authorized by the company, following a similar move last week by Johnson & Johnson .

From the Denver Post:
Deadly season sends price of flu vaccine soaring
Flu vaccine is becoming a hot commodity, with the tiny vials selling for up to $300, 2 times the normal price, in some parts of the country.

At the beginning of the season, manufacturers on average charged $85 for a vaccine containing 10 doses.

Things aren't quite so bad in Colorado. State health officials recently paid $165 a vial, nearly double the early-season $85.

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