Tuesday, December 09, 2003

From USA Today:
Fed-up states defy Washington
In his six years in Congress, Rod Blagojevich couldn't get anything done about high prices for prescription drugs. In his first year as Illinois governor, he hopes to set national policy.

The governor wants Illinois to be the first state to legally import prescription drugs from Canada, a precedent that could unlock the borders to a flood of cheaper drugs. "If you leave it to the president and Congress, history tells us nothing will change," says the Chicago Democrat, who served three terms in the House of Representatives before becoming governor.

From the Globe and Mail:
Biovail partner picks up Wellbutrin option
Biovail Corp. said Tuesday marketing partner GlaxoSmithKline PLC plans to exercise its option to develop and register the company's new once-a-day version of anti-depression drug Wellbutrin XL for sale in the European Union and other key markets.

The move, Biovail said, will also see GSK take the drug to western, central and eastern European markets -- a decision the Mississauga-based drug company suggested offers a “clear indication” of its partner's confidence in the treatment's global potential.

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