Thursday, December 11, 2003

From the New York Times:
Boldly Crossing the Line for Cheaper Drugs
Mr. Benson plans to set up a Web site for residents to buy drugs from Canadian Internet companies, with restrictions. The pharmacies would have to be licensed in Canada and approved by the New Hampshire Health and Human Services Department. Buyers would have to have prescriptions signed by American physicians and approved by Canadian physicians, and the medication would have to be shipped to New Hampshire in its original packaging.

From the Takoma (MD) Voice:
Montgomery County looks north for cheaper drugs
Last month, Montgomery County joined a growing list of U.S. jurisdictions looking north of the border for solutions to growing employee health care concerns.

On Nov. 4, the Montgomery County Council agreed to study a proposal to search for prescription drugs in Canada in an effort to cut the cost of its employees’ health plan.

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