Tuesday, December 09, 2003

From the Fort Lauderdale (FL) Times Sentinel:
Boston, N.H. Announce Drug-Buying Plans
The city of Boston and the state of New Hampshire announced Tuesday they will begin buying prescription drugs from Canada, jumping to the forefront of the growing but illegal movement to take advantage of lower prices across the border.

New Hampshire would become the first state in the country to turn to Canada for drugs, and Boston would become the largest U.S. city.

From CNN.com:
Report: Boston to begin Canadian drug plan
Starting this summer, Boston will begin buying prescription drugs from Canada for thousands of city employees and retirees, a newspaper reported.

Boston would become only the second U.S. city -- after Springfield, about 90 miles west -- to turn to Canada for drugs.

Mayor Thomas Menino was expected deliver remarks about the pilot program at a City Council hearing on Tuesday.

From the Toronto Star:
Boston to buy Canadian pharmaceuticals
City officials hope to begin buying prescription drugs from Canada for thousands of city employees and retirees by this summer, an official said today.

Mayor Thomas Menino was expected to endorse such a plan at a meeting of the city council this afternoon, according to Coun. Michael Ross. The council, which had already approved a feasibility study into the idea, was expected to support the proposal.

From the Boston Globe:
City looks to get drugs via Canada
Beginning next July, Boston plans to import prescription drugs from Canada for thousands of city workers and retirees, under a cost-saving proposal Mayor Thomas M. Menino will announce today.

The pilot program, outlined in remarks scheduled to be delivered at a City Council hearing, would probably shave about $1 million a year off the city's $61 million prescription drug bill, according to city estimates. The savings are expected to be relatively small at first, because the program would be voluntary and cover a limited selection of medicines.

From WNNE-TV (Vermont):
Benson Announces Program To Reimport Drugs From Canada
New Hampshire will become the first state in the country to reimport prescription drugs from Canada, in what Gov. Craig Benson said would be a move that could save seniors millions of dollars.

Many New Hampshire seniors have boarded buses for Canada for years to buy prescription drugs at lower prices. But Benson said Tuesday those rides will soon be a thing of the past.

"I used to have a business that sold products worldwide. I didn't get to charge three times the amount for a different market," Benson said. "I think pharmaceutical companies should charge one price for the markets they serve."

From KARE (Minnesota):
Minnesota Prescription Drug Internet Link to Be Scaled Back

In the next two weeks, a team of state officials are expected to choose finalists from Canadian pharmacies vying to be included on the nation's first state-sponsored link to prescription drugs from Canada.

But what happens after that will be less ambitious than what Gov. Tim Pawlenty described to Congress last month.

Officials designing the Internet site say the state has dropped the idea of negotiating lower prices for Minnesotans than the pharmacies now offer other customers.

From the (Florida) Ledger:
Looking North For Drugs (editorial)
For almost a year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been warning American consumers about the dangers of ordering prescription drugs from Canada. The FDA has repeatedly said it cannot guarantee the safety of the drugs -- even though some are made in America, shipped to Canada and then purchased by Americans for less than they can buy the same medications for in the United States.

From the Berkshire (MA) Eagle:
Canadian drugs operation seeks permit in N. Adams
The Planning Board deferred to its January meeting a decision on a special permit for a service that would aid people in acquiring prescription drugs from Canada while it sought a legal opinion about the proposed 85 Main St. business.

According to the permit applicant, Kurt Bricault of North Adams, the Discount Drugs of Canada uses the Internet to permit people access to Canadian prescription medications, pharmacies to ship the medications and physicians to approve them. A consumer would seek the information about prescriptions from Bricault, who would forward requisition forms to Canada as well as fax prescriptions issued by local physicians.

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