Thursday, September 28, 2006

Co-founder of online drug industry scales back after counterfeit allegations

Here's another RxNorth article, quoting the owner Andrew Strempler. It's difficult to say from the article how involved he will be in the new arrangement. It has been my understanding that he hasn't been too involved in day-to-day operations in Minnedosa for some time.

It appears that the pharmacy staff in Minnedosa will be let go. I have not seen any mention of the Barbados operation run by RxNorth, but I would expect that it will be closed up as well.

From CBC News:
A Manitoba co-founder of the multimillion-dollar online pharmacy industry is scaling back his business after allegations that his websites sold counterfeit drugs., owned by Andrew Strempler, has contracted its dispensing operation to, the largest player in the industry.

"This decision was made in the interest of continuity of patient care, medication supply and to maintain the same high standards of customer service and safety that has always provided," the company said in new release Wednesday. ...more

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