Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sight blurred after dizziness

I get the impression that updates from the courtroom are going to be a reasonably regular feature at Canada Pharmacy News over the next while. This post has two links: the first one was published yesterday and can be seen here.

I don't see much new in either report compared to the first one. More patients testified about problems associated with taking fake Norvasc. I find it reprehensible that the pharmacist dismissed their claims. Maybe he (misguidedly) thought that he could make more money by using cheap foreign Norvasc but once the problems started to reveal themselves, he should've put a stop to the whole thing and tried to make things right.

From the Hamilton Spectator:
John Dindial awoke the morning of April 24 last year feeling extremely dizzy, then his sight went blurry and the room began to go black.

The 69-year-old Hamilton man was visiting a friend in Scarborough who took him to the Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital. The patient, who had diabetes and high blood pressure, had been controlling his hypertension for about 12 years with a cardiovascular drug known as Norvasc.

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