Friday, September 01, 2006

FDA stands by warning against Canadian web pharmacy

There is no shortage of articles about the FDA allegations that MediPlan is shipping counterfeit drugs. Their statements don't provide any definitive evidence and considering their past comments regarding Canadian pharmacies, I'd like to see more information. However, the FDA warnings in the past have tended to be more vague and has never been this specific naming a specific location.

MediPlan's president doesn't help his public relations cause when he refuses to mention the location of his non-Canadian pharmacy. He said in the Globe and Mail article below, "I hesitate to put that information out there, because it's another way they target us," when it is public knowledge that the pharmacy ships out of the Bahamas. It's even mentioned in this CTV report.

I wonder if there is any connection between the FDA warning and the release of a poll that says 80% of Americans would be okay with the importation of medications from Canada and other countries.

From the Globe and Mail:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration blindsided Canada's on-line pharmacists Wednesday with a report that found fake versions of Lipitor and other widely used prescription drugs were sold by websites linked to a co-founder of the industry.

But the past president of Canada's largest industry lobby group is urging people not to jump to conclusions until key questions are answered about the drugs and whether they truly are counterfeit. ...more

From CBC News:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it stands by its warning to Americans not to buy drugs from a Manitoba-based internet pharmacy, claiming the drugs are counterfeit.

The FDA issued a news release on Wednesday warning against ordering 10 specific prescription drugs from 10 websites, including, and ...more

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