Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pharmacist had 'friend'

The fake Norvasc in Hamilton trial is adjorned for a month or so, but here is a rather interesting article about the testimony of one of the drugstore's pharmacy assistants. She claims she found nothing unusual about the directive to not order Norvasc from traditional sources, even after the tablets looked different. I'm not sure if she came off as loyal to her employer or simply oblivious, but I can't imagine she looked that great on the stand.

From the Hamilton Spectator:
When RCMP entered the King West Pharmacy in June 2005 looking for counterfeit drugs, their attention was caught by a note on the wall where the fast-selling medications were kept.

The handwritten poster said: "Don't order any Norvasc. Ask Abs."

Pharmacist Abadir Nasr, who bought the Hamilton business in August 2004, had told staff not to order the cardiovascular medication from their regular wholesaler because he had a friend who would be supplying the store. ...more

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