Monday, June 18, 2007

Better Labels Urged for Sports Creams

I missed this story last week but I had to post it now as I find it a fascinating case. This is an article that every pharmacy should save and pull out when a patient comments that a topical cream can't possibly be harmful.

From the Washington Post:
Arielle Newman was a high school track star who suffered from the typical aches and pains that result from a grueling training regimen. For relief, she covered her legs with large amounts of muscle cream.

The 17-year-old died from an accidental overdose of methyl salicylate, the wintergreen-scented ingredient found in liniments like BenGay, Icy Hot and Tiger Balm, the New York City medical examiner's office said last week. The death was the first of its kind in the city, authorities said.

Experts said the death of Newman, a cross-country runner for Notre Dame Academy on Staten Island, points to a need for clearer warnings about risks, especially because muscle creams have become a staple in locker rooms around the country. ...more

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