Thursday, June 14, 2007

New pharmacy for Welland

Ordinarily, I wouldn't post an article noting the construction of another pharmacy in Canada. However, I was intrigued by this one. Rexall is building a new location in Welland, Ontario. So what's unusual? How about this:

Management at the Rexall Clinic Pharmacy located at 515 King St., has not been told any details about the new store being built just a few hundred metres north.
Isn't this odd? I've heard talk that there has been some friction between some owners of Rexall franchises and their parent company. This article might support that rumour. Has anyone else heard about this?

From the Welland (Ont.) Tribune:
Rexall is bringing one of its new concept drug stores to the corner of King and Lincoln streets.

It was confirmed for The Tribune yesterday by Michelle Lee, media relations manager for Rexall parent company Katz Group Canada.

Until the store is closer to opening Lee said she could not comment any further at this time.

City planner Don Thorpe said a building permit was issued about two weeks ago. ...more

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