Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Smokers, vendors have summer to adjust

Alberta is planning on passing some tough new anti-smoking laws, including rules that would prevent sales of tobacco products in pharmacies. I'm curious to see how that will actually work in practice. Does this mean grocery stores with pharmacy departments will be prevented from selling cigarettes?

From the Edmonton Journal:
The provincial government signalled an end Thursday to Alberta's ranking as Canada's most smoker-friendly province, approving a provincewide ban on smoking in workplaces and other steps that would make Alberta one of the toughest anti-tobacco jurisdictions.

Conservative MLAs, a group that has long opposed cracking down on where smokers can light up, also decided to prohibit visible cigarette ads or displays in stores, and to ban sales of tobacco products in pharmacies, post-secondary schools or health facilities.

It's unclear when the plan will take effect, but it will also prohibit smoking near doorways and windows, to shield people from the toxins of second-hand smoke, Health Minister Dave Hancock said. ...more

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