Friday, June 29, 2007

Union for Sask health workers says job action coming after talks break down

Talks to avert a strike by health-care professionals in Saskatchewan broke off Thursday, but the rhetoric was heating up as union officials said they have no choice but to start job action.

The negotiations after a conciliator said the health organizations and the Health Sciences Association were too far apart to reach a deal. "At this time it seems that there's no further point in the two parties meeting," said association president Chris Driol.

"We really have no choice at this point but to engage in job action because our best efforts at the negotiating table haven't got us where we need to go."

One of the biggest sticking points was over money aimed at enticing experienced workers to stay in the province and not flee to other jurisdictions for more cash.

The union is looking for eight per cent over two years and it wants an additional four per cent retention money for senior staff.

The Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations has offered 12 per cent over three years, with an additional half per cent retention adjustment for all workers in the first year. ...more

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