Monday, June 18, 2007

Obama touts Rx drug plan

I can't see importing pharmaceuticals from Canada being much of an issue in American 2008 election, but Barack Obama mentioned he's in favour of allowing the purchase of Canadian prescriptions.

From the Sauk Valley (Ill.) Newspaper:
Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama speculated Saturday that his prescription drug plan could save seniors on Medicare $157 billion over the next decade.

The potential saving is proof that the nation needs to change the Medicare system, he said.

"There is no reason for this other than the fact it makes the drug companies more money," said Obama. 'It's wrong that Americans have to spend more for their prescriptions because drug companies can spend billions on lobbying."

The prescription drug plan pushed by Obama would allow Medicare officials to bargain for lower prescription drug prices, allow Americans to buy prescriptions from Canada and other developed countries where safe drugs are available and increase the use of generic drugs in public health programs like Medicare. ...more

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Anonymous said...

Its crazy to think that the US would allow meds to come from Canada. The reason meds are so expensive in the states is because of the FDA- a government agency that milks all it can out of the system. Without the FDA, the same exact meds are much, much cheaper abroad. Bypassing the FDA takes money out of the government's pockets.