Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cobourg resident named a Centennial Pharmacist

From Northumberland (Ont.) Today:
For its 100th anniversary this year, the Canadian Pharmacists Association invited nominations from its 7,000 members for nominations for 100 past or present members to be designated Centennial Pharmacists.

Cobourg resident Bill Wensley has been so declared. And the work he has done has helped shape many of the pharmacy and health-care services we enjoy today.

While on the Ontario Council of Health in the late-1960s, for instance, his was one of the voices recommending district health councils.

He was also involved in product-selection legislation in the early-1970s that allows a pharmacist to substitute a less-costly generic drug when a brand-name one is prescribed. As a result, he also worked on the Drug Quality and Therapeutics Committee that researched exactly what generic drugs could be prescribed in substitute for which name-brand drugs and under what circumstances, helping to compile the formulary on which pharmacists rely in making these decisions. ...more

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