Monday, December 01, 2008

Drive-through drugstore opens

From the Regina Leader Post:
There won't be any supersizing and you won't be able to get fries with that order, but Regina now has its first drive-through pharmacy.

Rexall Drug Store at 420 Albert St. has a two-lane drive-through to accommodate people who would prefer not to leave the comfort of their vehicle when dropping off prescriptions or picking them up. The service is restricted to prescriptions only.

Kevin Melnyk, regional pharmacy director for Saskatchewan, said there had been some earlier attempts at drive-through pharmacies in the city, but "this one is state of the art. Our whole store is designed with the drive-through in mind." Unlike the usual order screen and drive-through window at a fast-food outlet, this drive-through relies on a hatch system for dropoffs and pickups. There is no open window. All communication is handled through a phone.

He said the drive-throughs have proven popular in places like Alberta and Ontario, so the time had come for Regina. ...more

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