Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lawsuit filed against Bayer over drug risks

From CTV News:
Lawyers have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against drug giant Bayer Inc. and related companies because one of its drugs, which was given to patients to inhibit bleeding during cardiac surgery, has been linked to a higher risk of death.

Bayer voluntarily withdrew the drug, known as Trasylol, from the market a year ago after a clinical trial found that patients treated with the drug were 53 per cent more likely to die than those treated with older, less expensive anti-bleeding medications.

That study, known as the BART trial, was stopped early and Trasylol was pulled from the market in several countries, including Canada. However, the drug is still available in Canada to some doctors via special-access programs.

Trasylol was originally approved for patients who were at an increased risk of blood loss and blood transfusion while undergoing heart surgery, particularly cardiopulmonary bypass. It is estimated that 4.3 million patients worldwide were given the drug since it was approved in 1993. ...more

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