Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Old-time remedies best when it comes to fighting kids’ colds

From the Lethbridge (AB) Herald:
When coughs and colds hit kids, old remedies may be the best.

That’s the message from local pharmacist Rick Siemens, after Health Canada announced this week that children under six years old shouldn’t be treated with over-the-counter cough and cold medications, because the potential risks outweigh any possible benefits.

Siemens, pharmacy manager at London Drugs in Lethbridge, was busy Friday moving the store’s supply of children’s cough and cold medicine behind the pharmacy counter. He said parents should consult with a pharmacist to determine whether such medicines are the right solution and if so, what kind of dosage to give.

“Those medications, if they’re used properly, are safe. It’s just that the effectiveness has never been proven to be that great for any cough and cold medication,” Siemens explained. ...more

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