Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pharmacists take on expanded role starting January

From Arrow Lakes (BC) News:
As part of a new agreement between the government of B.C. and the B.C. Pharmacy Association, pharmacists will be taking on a bigger role when it comes to prescription medications.

As of Jan. 1, B.C. pharmacists will have the legal authority to renew or adapt existing prescriptions to better suit the patient.

Pharmacist Troy Clark of People’s Pharmacy in Nakusp says it’s a step up for the role of pharmacists.

“[It is] increasing our scope of practice,” says Clark. “It’s something that we’re capable of doing.”

A pamphlet available at People’s Pharmacy states benefits of the change include allowing your pharmacist to help manage medications for patients between visits to the doctor.

“This medication management thing that’s coming now, the new policy that’s come out, it’s just giving us the authority,” says Clark. “Now we have the legal authority to do some of those things that we were maybe doing already.” ...more

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