Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Most Alberta seniors to pay less under new drug plan

From CBC News:
About 60 per cent of Alberta's seniors will see their prescription drug costs lowered or eliminated starting in January 2010, but others will pay more, Alberta Health announced Monday.

Single seniors with an annual income of less than $21,325 and senior families with an annual combined income below $42,650 will not have to pay for medication.

But other seniors who have high incomes will pay more for drug coverage.

Deductibles will be based on a sliding scale and the highest earners could pay up to $7,500 a year if they have high medication costs.

Alberta Health Minister Ron Liepert said the change will make the system fairer to everyone.

"We have a philosophy in government that we need to — and it's our responsibility to — ensure that those who can't afford it or don't have it, that there are programs in place by government," he said. ...more

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Anonymous said...

The Klein strategy revisited. Blame part of the governments total failure to properly manage health care on seniors. It worked last time even though the government's own study found them blameless. Just ask Kevin Taft.
Butreally, seniors must be a huge part of the problem; and what is more they are growing in number. On the other hand the anticpated increase in numbers will come from the much heralded "baby boomers". They are wealthy so they can put out more money. Nevermind the fact that those with higher incomes already pay higher taxes and hence more for all of the services They receive.