Tuesday, August 26, 2003

From the Buffalo News:
Survey shows gap between U.S., Canadian drug costs
Sen. Charles E. Schumer today released a new survey that starkly contrasts the high cost of prescription medication in New York State with the same drugs available in Canada.

A survey of more than 120 pharmacies statewide - eight in the Buffalo area - shows that local residents could save hundreds of dollars a year on many of the most commonly prescribed medications if they had access to drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

From Minnesota Public Radio:
A bipartisan call for drug reimportation
Seniors packed a Bloomington retirement community chapel Monday to hear about the high cost of prescription drugs. A bipartisan group of lawmakers urged them to lobby Congress in support of allowing the reimportation of prescription drugs from other countries. They say if Congress adds a prescription drug benefit to Medicare without doing anything about rising drug costs, seniors will be no better off.

From WBFO (NY):
Schumer Supports Re-Importation of Drugs from Canada
"The Lipitor in Canada is same as Lipitor in U.S. The Allegra is the same as in the United States, the Norvasc is the same," Schumer said. "They're just trying to scare you."

Appearing at the Amherst Senior Citizens Center yesterday, senior John Niedbalski of Hamburg says his wife takes 26 different prescription drugs each day. But he doesn't buy into the claims that Canadian drugs are unsafe.

"If there was truth to it there would be a lot of dead or sick Canadians," Niedbalski said.

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