Tuesday, August 05, 2003

From the Toledo (OH) Blade:
Livonia club catches eye of feds, seniors
Mr. Slater and another employee were in a small office building and had set up computers and a hodgepodge of folding metal chairs and other seats for those who wanted to wait.

And wait they did. At 3 p.m. yesterday, about 20 people, some of whom had been there for hours, were waiting to be seen by Mr. Slater and his colleague.

Two shop phones were ringing constantly. In between entering information into a computer and talking on the phone, Mr. Slater expressed amazement at the interest.

From the Milford (MA) Daily News:
Pols propose supplying consumers with drug prices in Canada
Some Massachusetts lawmakers say the state should publicize drug prices in Canada to help consumers save money and find the best deals.

Under proposed legislation, Bay State residents would be able to contact a state office by telephone or Internet to find out how and where they can save the most money on prescription medications.

From LewRockwell.com:
Drug Reimportation Increases Medical Freedom
Reimportation is hardly a solution to our health care woes, of course, and the bill faces a highly uncertain future in the Senate. Reimportation would, however, inject a tiny measure of freedom into our increasingly regulated health care system. No American should ever enjoy less freedom by virtue of living in the U.S., and no American should be forced to pay higher prices for drugs that are available more cheaply overseas. The ban on reimportation is unconscionable, and most Americans know it despite the best efforts of the pharmaceutical companies and their mouthpieces.

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