Thursday, August 07, 2003

From the New York Times:
Pfizer Moves to Stem Canadian Drug Imports

Just days after the House of Representatives voted to legalize the import of cheap prescription drugs from Canada, Pfizer has moved to squelch the nascent trade at its source.

The company confirmed yesterday that it had sent letters to 50 Canadian pharmacies that it believes are exporting to the United States, telling them that they would have to begin ordering their drugs directly from Pfizer, rather than from wholesalers. If Pfizer decides that the pharmacies are ordering more drugs than they need to meet Canadian demand, it will cut off or curtail shipments to them, the company said.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Pfizer Moves to Block Canadian Drug Sales
``Effective immediately, Pfizer Canada Inc. has elected to supply you with Pfizer products directly and exclusively,'' according to letters sent Monday by the Canadian units of Pfizer and Pharmacia Inc., which Pfizer bought last year.

From the Canadian Press:
U.S. drug giant Pfizer tries to stop sales by Canadian druggists to Americans
In a letter sent to nearly 50 Canadian pharmacies, Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical maker, said those pharmacies would be able to buy Pfizer products only from the company. "We've sent a letter to less than 50 pharmacies in Canada saying that we want them to be direct customers of ours," Don Sancton, Pfizer Canada spokesman, said Wednesday night.

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