Monday, August 11, 2003

From the St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press:
Minnesota in vanguard of U.S. drug-price battle
What's a nice group of senior citizens from "Lake Wobegon" up to, starting a venture that the U.S. government considers illegal and critics call dangerous?

For the Minnesota Senior Federation, it's part of a long-running fight to get lower-cost prescription drugs for the elderly: making an end-run around U.S. laws to bring mail-order drugs in from Canada, where they often cost half as much because Canada's government controls the prices.

From the Memphis (TN) Business Journal:
Re-importing could slow biotech efforts
European countries have price controls, yet research continues in Germany, France and elsewhere, though not with the intensity of American R&D.

"They have made tremendous contributions into the invention and introduction of new drugs," he says. "This seems to suggest the higher R&D in the U.S. has not really deprived Europeans from having new drugs from their own countries. The question is whether the higher extra spending by American companies has an edge over European countries."

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