Monday, August 04, 2003

From the Lakeland (FL) Ledger:
Crossing the Drug Border
Rep. Marion Berry, D-Ark., sees things differently than Putnam. His view is significant because Berry is the only pharmacist in the House. "The safety claims are bogus," Berry said during the fierce House debate. "This is a classic, cynical example of crony capitalism."

He said members who voted against the bill should go back home and tell their constituents, " `I voted to let the pharmaceutical industry continue to rob the old people in this country.' You go back and tell them that."

From the Boston Herald:
Lawmaker wants drug price cap
``We must take a stance against the greed of pharmaceutical giants,'' said Glodis, Insurance Committee co-chairman. ``There is no logical reason why the citizens of Massachusetts should be charged signficantly more for the same prescription drugs than the citizens of Canada.''

From the Lorain (OH) Morning Journal:
Seniors head north for cheaper medicine
Of all world's the large markets, the United States is the only one that doesn't control prices, which leads critics of the brand-name pharmaceutical industry to say U.S. consumers are in effect subsidizing the rest of the world's lower priced prescription drugs.

''I understand that research for new drugs is quite expensive,'' said Berman. ''But why should Americans have to cover the burden for the rest of the world, why does it cost more for us to keep ourselves healthy?''

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