Monday, August 11, 2003

From CBC News:
Montana seeks to close Internet pharmacy 'broker'
Montana has filed a lawsuit against a company that helps Americans buy from Canadian Internet pharmacies.

The Montana Board of Pharmacy is seeking to close Rx Depot. It marks the first time an American state has moved against such a business.

From the Salt Lake (UT) Tribune:
A bitter pill
The price of life-sustaining prescription drugs has gotten so high for so many Americans that, while the government dithers, the marketplace has opened up a channel to Canada. Mail order and Internet connections to The Great White North bring essential medicines to your mailbox for up to 80 percent less than they cost at the neighborhood pharmacy.

Rather than address the underlying cause of this phenomenon -- staggering prices -- our nation's pharmaceutical makers are going all out to prevent wholesalers and pharmacies from importing these same medicines on a much larger scale at, perhaps, even greater discounts.

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