Sunday, August 10, 2003

From CBC Edmonton:
Internet pharmacies take another hit
"My heart breaks. Now I'm going to have to go back to little grandma and say 'I can't get your medication.' It's going to be horrible," Troszok said. He is also concerned his customers will turn to countries with high levels of counterfeit drugs. "If they go to the country that doesn't have the same regulations as Canada, their health could be compromised."

From the Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle:
Schumer supports legislation that could cut prescription costs
U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said Rochesterians could save 50 percent on their drug costs if they were filled in Canada. For one of Gerling’s drugs, Celebrex, the savings is $71 a month.

Schumer was at Lifespan in Brighton on Thursday to promote legislation that he said would make it easier for people like Gerling to buy drugs from Canada. He also made appearances in Canandaigua to lend support to the veterans hospital there and in Livingston County to discuss bringing federal aid to dairy farmers and the region.

From the Canadian Press:
Transborder trade in drugs could lead to drug shortages, say industry groups
A growing transborder trade in cheaper Canadian pharmaceuticals has drug manufacturers fighting back and worries some pharmacy groups.

Health Canada said it is watching the situation but sees no evidence that Canadians are being hurt.

But some see potential dangers if more and more Americans look to Canadian pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. They say it could exacerbate a shortage of pharmacists in Canada and perhaps lead to drug shortages here.

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