Wednesday, September 03, 2003

From the Kingston (NY) Daily Freeman:
Schumer pushes discount drug bill
You shouldn't have to win the lottery in order to buy your medicine," Schumer said. "We live during a time of tremendous medical advancement, when people can tack on years to their lives, and drastically improve their quality of life just by taking pills. It's an amazing thing, but if the price to reap these benefits continues going through the roof, no one's going to be able to afford them."

From the (Sonora, CA) Union Democrat:
Store leads to cheaper medication
Canada, home of the maple leaf and high-scoring hockey teams, is fast gaining a reputation for something else — cheap drugs.

Americans have been buying lower-cost prescription medications from Canada for years now, via the Internet and sometimes even by making trips to the neighboring country.

From the Boston
Proposed Drug Plan May Not Please Seniors
A new poll suggests that 54 percent of seniors want Congress to enact a prescription drug benefit, but most still worry their costs will be far too high.

The Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health surveyed more than 2,000 adults and found that 76 percent of the elderly citizens polled are concerned -- including 52 percent who are "very worried" -- that they will still pay too much for prescription drugs.

From the National Post:
Doctors on drugs
The Canadian Medical Association's crusade to keep individual Canadians out of their own health care loop continues.

The CMA's official mouthpiece, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, yesterday published articles and an editorial aimed at stopping drug companies from advertising and marketing their products direct to Canadians. Drug ads on TV -- for anything from Viagra to Prozac and Zyban -- can only lead to higher costs to the health care system, said the CMAJ's editorial, and should therefore be banned in Canada.

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