Thursday, September 25, 2003

More updates later this evening.

From the Boston Globe:
Governors of Iowa, Minnesota to study buying Canadian drugs
Iowa Governor Thomas Vilsack and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said they will study whether their states can save money by buying employees' prescription drugs from Canada, even as US officials condemn the practice.

Vilsack said he plans to discuss such a program with state insurers if he finds that it would save money for Iowa's 70,000 employees. Iowa's drug costs rose 20 percent to $54 million last year. Iowa and Minnesota will also seek price cuts in talks with drug makers, such as Pfizer Inc., that supply their Medicaid programs for the poor, the governors said in separate statements.

From the Johnson County (KS) Sun:
Feds target Canadian drug connection
Mary Hunt-Hansen, owner of the R-X Depot in Overland Park, hopes to be put out of business some day - but not by the federal government, which is taking the 90-store R-X Depot chain to court next month.

Rather, Hansen would like to see the pharmaceutical industry lower its prices for prescription drugs to U.S. residents, either voluntarily or through federal price controls.

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