Tuesday, September 30, 2003

From the Portales (NM) News Tribune:
Pharmacies persuaded to stop cheap prescriptions
State pharmaceutical officials have persuaded the Portales Medical Center to stop purchasing low-priced prescription drugs from Canadian drug companies via a Texas storefront.

From the Boston Globe:
Cahill calls drug protest `bad idea'
State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill tried yesterday to dampen enthusiasm in Springfield for Mayor Michael Albano's proposed divestiture of US drug company stocks, branding it an ill-advised "political statement" that could hurt the city's pension fund.

From IDG.com:
FDA's McClellan calls for more drug R&D cost sharing
The U.S. is bearing a disproportionate share of drug research and development costs for medicines used globally at the same time that price controls in other industrialized nations are leading more U.S. residents to obtain unregulated drugs elsewhere, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner (FDA) Dr. Mark McClellan said last Thursday.

From the Canadian Press:
Martin endorses plan to supply generic AIDS drugs to poor countries
The federal government will proceed full-steam ahead in allowing generic drug-makers to supply cheap medicine to AIDS-ravaged countries, Paul Martin indicated Tuesday.

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