Thursday, September 18, 2003

More updates to come later this evening.

From the North Adams (MA) Transcript:
Kennedy backs Springfield mayor's drug plan
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, an outspoken opponent of importing drugs from foreign wholesalers, is backing the move by the mayor of Springfield, Mass., to offer Canadian-bought medications to the city's 10,000 workers and retirees.

The Massachusetts Democrat said the safety fears he has about the quality and authenticity of drugs sold by foreign sellers are diminished in this instance because Springfield Mayor Michael Albano has negotiated with a reputable Canadian pharmacy.

From the Sarasota (FL) Herald Tribune:
Drug storefront issue heating up
Three months after Florida's Board of Pharmacy declared that storefronts offering prescription drugs from Canada are illegal, not a single charge has been filed against the more than 50 storefronts operating in the state.

"We're confused and perplexed why action has not been taken," said Michael Jackson, vice president of the Florida Pharmacy Association, a trade group based in Tallahassee representing licensed pharmacists. "Somebody needs to be doing something."

From the St. Petersburg (FL) Times:
In drugmakers' defense, spokesman stays busy
Arguments against Canadian drug imports tumble out of Jeffrey Trewhitt like capsules from a bottle. They are unsafe. Buyers don't get what they are promised.

What's worse, at least from Trewhitt's perspective, is that such imports introduce U.S. consumers to a concept drugmakers would rather remain foreign: government-mandated price controls.

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