Friday, September 19, 2003

From the Lansing (MI) State Journal:
Canadian drug firm may face complaint
The Michigan Pharmacists Association, an advocacy group for 3,500 pharmacists, is attacking the Canadian company that opened a Lansing storefront Monday.

Larry Wagenknecht, chief executive officer of the association, said the organization will file a complaint against American Drug Club's newest location, at 1456 E. Michigan Ave., on the grounds that it's an unlicensed pharmacy.

He vows to file for an "immediate cease and desist" order by week's end with the state Department of Consumer and Industry Services' Health Regulatory Division. He said the complaint will duplicate one filed last month against the company's Livonia store.

From the Lorain (OH) Morning Journal:
Seniors head north for cheaper medicine
Despite polls that continually show Americans supporting the addition of a prescription-drug benefit to Medicare to help seniors without insurance coverage, politicians are failing to make substantial changes to the system. Like the bank accounts of many seniors, the political promises have run empty.

Fed up with paying high prices for prescription drugs, Americans are boarding Canada-bound buses to take advantage of the savings the Canadian Patented Medicines Prices Review Board mandates.

From the Lincoln (IL) Courier:
Pharmacists blast gov. on drug proposal
Illinois pharmacists on Monday criticized Gov. Rod Blagojevich for his cost-cutting proposal to allow state employees and retirees to purchase prescription drugs from Canada, claiming the illegal practice is unsafe and financially shortsighted.

Acknowledging that competition among pharmacies is stiff, an industry spokesman said pharmacists statewide are focused on providing quality prescription drugs to their customers.

FDA Warns U.S. Site Selling Canadian Prescription Drugs
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Tuesday issued a warning letter to a Detroit-based firm operating an Internet and mail order business selling Canadian prescription drugs. The FDA claims CanaRx Services, Inc., is operating an illegal business and is a risk to public health.

From the (Portland) Oregonian:
Who's your drug dealer? (Editorial)
The FDA's move last week signals the administration's position on changing rules on reimportation. To be sure, there is an argument to be made about the safety of drugs pouring into this country from points unknown. But we also import food from other countries with government assurances of safety. By stipulating countries eligible for reimportation, Congress was taking a careful approach.

The FDA should work with Congress to help fashion a temporary mechanism. If Congress finally succeeds in getting prescription drug coverage for seniors, the problem would go away on its own.

From the Detroit News:
Canadian drugstore sets up in Lansing
Canadian company opened a store in Lansing on Monday to provide Canadian prescription drug service.

The American Drug Club outlets are touted as low-cost prescription assistance centers. Staff members provide price information to customers and help them order drugs from the Canadian pharmacies.

From the Lorain (OH) Morning Journal:
Trupos: Trapped in middle of discounts, drug costs
Irene Trupo would wait nervously every time her husband Tony had to go to the doctor. Each time she knew they might hear what they feared most, ''Mr. Trupo, you need heart surgery.''

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