Tuesday, September 09, 2003

From the Port Huron (MI) Times Herald:
Companies save prescription dollars
Buy Canadian RX in Port Huron and Can-Am PharmAssist in Marysville act as liaisons between their clients and the Canadian pharmaceutical community.

The companies help their customers, who typically have little or no health insurance, get prescriptions and medications from Canadian doctors and pharmacies, without leaving the country.

From the Toledo (OH) Blade:
Tour business owner ready to open prescription drug club in Toledo
A little more than a month after a Livonia, Mich., store opened promising to help Americans get cheap Canadian prescription drugs, a local man plans to start a business in Toledo tomorrow doing the same thing.

The business appears to be the first of its kind in Ohio and will be known as the Toledo Drug Club, which, like the Livonia store, is an outlet of American Drug Club, based in Winnipeg.

From the Ohio News Network:
Toledo Man Wants To Help People Get Prescription Drugs From Canada
A Toledo man plans to open a business tomorrow that will help customers get prescription drugs from Canada at prices much lower than those charged by U.S. pharmacies.

Steve Tobis plans to run the Toledo Drug Club out of the same offices as his charter tour business. It will be an outlet of the Winnipeg-based American Drug Club which opened a store in Michigan last month.

From the North Texas Daily:
Student starts company to sell Canadian drugs
Since Jason Morton began to run his own prescription medication company two years ago, he has helped people save hundreds of dollars by following a simple rule; all of his company's U.S.-made medications have been re-imported from Canada.

From WNTH-TV (MA):
New option to get prescriptions from Canada
The skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs is forcing a lot of people to make a run north of the border.

To Canada that is. But buying cheaper medication is now alternative
right here in Connecticut.

The long bus ride to Canada in search of affordable prescription drugs just got shorter.
RX Depot is now open for business here in West Haven. It is not a pharmacy. It processes orders for a Canadian-based pharmacy.

From the Indy Channel (IN):
State Panel Wants Shutdown Of Store Offering Canadian Drugs
The state board of pharmacists has asked Indiana's attorney general to shut down an eastern Indianapolis store that helps people buy lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada, saying such stores aren't safe because they're not regulated.

From the Aberdeen (SD) News:
Experts Debate How to Toss Out Medicines
What's the best way to throw away leftover, expired medicines? Once the answer was "flush 'em," to ensure children and animals couldn't stumble on the drugs and be poisoned.

Now scientists are increasingly warning not to flush drugs. Antibiotics, hormones and other medicines are being found in waterways - raising worrisome questions about potential health and environmental effects.

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